Learn Korean | Korean Grammar 105: A-게

 In this lesson, we're going to learn 'A-게' 를 알아보겠습니다.

 '머리를 짧게 잘랐어요.' (I had my hair cut short.)

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1. A Short Conversation (1)

- 미소: 나나 씨, 머리 잘랐어요?

- 나나: 네, 이번에는 머리를 짧게 잘랐어요. 어때요?

- 미소: 짧은 머리도 잘 어울려요.

(in English)

- Miso: Nana, did you have your hair cut?

- Nana: Yes, I had my hair cut short this time. How about it?

- Miso: Short hair looks good on you, too.

→ The grammar we're going to learn is '짧게.'

2. Usage

-  Adjective + -게 → Adverb

- 게' attaches after an adjective stem. As an expression, it plays the role of 'adverb' in sentences.

- Adverb serves to modify the verb or the entire sentence that follows.

- ‘A-게’ is used to express the degree or method of action that follows.

3. Example Sentences

▶ 나나 씨가 머리를 짧게 잘랐어요. (짧다 + 게)

(Nana had her hair cut short.)

- Here, '짧게' is a combination of the adjective '짧다 and '게.'

- Nana had her hair cut.

- How did she have her hair cut? - 짧게 잘랐어요. (cut shortly)

- '짧게' tells the degree of the length of the following verb '잘랐어요'.

▶ 선생님, 글 씨 좀 크게 써 주세요. (크다 + 게)

(Teacher, please write it a little bigger.)

- Here, '크게' is a combination of the adjective '크다 and '게.'

- Please write. How to write it?- 크게 써 주세요 (Write it bigger (largely).)

- It tells about the size of the text.

4. Combination Information

1) Final Consonant O & X: -게

- Whether an adjective stem has the final consonant or not, '게' is used.

- Final Consonant O: 작다 + 게 → 작게

- Final Consonant X: 크다 + 게 → 크게

5. Example Sentences

- 지안 씨는 이야기를 재미있게 해요. (재미있다 + 게)

(Jian tells the story in a fun way.)

- 사진 찍을게요. 예쁘게 웃으세요. (예쁘다 + 게)

(I'll take a picture. Smile beautifully.)

- 오늘은 늦게 일어났어요. (늦다 + 게)

(I woke up late today.)

6. A Short Conversation (2)

- 나나: 안녕하세요. 이 옷 얼마예요?

- 점원: 지금 세일해서 25,000원이에요.

- 나나: 조금 더 싸게 주실 수 없어요?

- 점원: 그럼 좀 싸게 해서 23,000원에 드릴게요.

(in English)

- Nana: Hello, how much is this cloth?

- A staff: It's 25,000 won on sale now.

- Nana: Can't you give me a little cheaper?

- A Staff: Then, I'll give you a little cheaper. Just give me 23,000 won.

→ 싸다 + 게

- The grammar we've learned is '싸게.'

- '싸게' is the combination of an adjective '싸다' and '게'.

Thank you~! 

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