Learn Korean: Korean Grammar 123: V-아야겠다/어야겠다/해야겠다

In this lesson, we're going to learn 'V-아야겠다/어야겠다/해야겠다.'

‘집에 가서 쉬어야겠어요.’

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1. A Short Conversation (1)

- 나나: 미소 씨, 감기 걸렸어요? 기침을 많이 하네요.

(Miso, have you caught a cold? You cough a lot.)

- 미소: 네. 약을 먹었는데도 안 낫네요. 아무래도 병원에 가야겠어요.

(Yes, I took medicine but I'm not getting better. I think I should go to the hospital.)

- 나나: 그러게요. 더 나빠지기 전에 병원에 꼭 가 보세요.

(You're right. Be sure to go to the hospital before it gets worse.)

The grammar we will learn today is ‘가야겠어요.’

Let's find out today's grammar.

2. Usage

- It is used to indicate a strong will for the act mentioned in the preceding statement or to guess that doing the act may be necessary.

- Example Sentences

✎ 미소: 감기에 걸린 것 같아요. 약을 먹어야겠어요. (먹다 + 어야겠다)

(I think I have a cold. I need to take some medicine.)

→ Here, '먹어야겠어요' is a combination of the verb '먹다' and '어야겠다.'

→ Miso has a fever. 감기에 걸린 것 같아요. (I think I have a cold.) 

→ So she thinks that I will definitely take some medicine. (약을 꼭 먹을 거예요.) → 약을 먹어야겠어요. I need to take some medicine.

→ You can use '어야겠다' after the verb '먹다' and say. ‘먹어야겠어요.’

✎ 미소: 약을 먹었는데 감기가 안 나아요. 아무래도 병원에 가야겠어요. (가다 + 아야겠다)

(I took medicine, but I can't get over my cold. I think I should go to the hospital.)

→ Miso has a cold. She took some medicine. But she is not getting better.

→ So she thinks that ‘I will definitely go to the hospital. (병원에 꼭 갈 거예요.)’ →병원에 가야겠어요.

→ You can use '아야겠다' after the verb '가다' and say. ‘가야겠다’

3. Combination Information

- ‘아야겠다/어야겠다/해야겠다’ attaches after a verb stem.

1) Vowel ㅏ, ㅗ: -아야겠다

- When the vowel before '다' is 'ㅏ' or 'ㅗ', '-아야겠다' is used.

- 앉다 + 아야겠다 → 앉아야겠다

- 보다 + 아야겠다 → 봐야겠다

2) Other Vowels: -어야겠다

- When the vowel before '다' is other vowels other than 'ㅏ' or 'ㅗ', then '-어야겠다' is used after that.

- 먹다 + 어야겠다 → 먹어야겠다

- 읽다 + 어야겠다 → 읽어야겠다

3) 하다 → 해야겠다 (해 =하다 + 여)

- When an verb ends in '하다', change '하다' to '해야겠다.' '해야겠다' is a combination of the verb '하다' and '-여야겠다.

- 공부하다 + 해야겠다 → 공부해야겠다

- 운동하다 + 해야겠다 → 운동해야겠다

4. Practice

✎ 12시가 넘었어요. 이제 자야겠어요. (자다 + 아야겠다)

(It's past 12 o'clock. I need to sleep now.)

✎ 방이 엉망이에요. 주말에는 방을 청소해야겠어요. (청소하다 + 해야겠다)

(The room is a mess. I have to clean my room on the weekend.)

✎ 건강이 안 좋아졌어요. 담배를 끊어야겠어요. (끊다 + 어야겠다)

(My health got worse. I need to quit smoking.)

(A short Conversation)

- 미소: 나나 씨, 어제 야근했어요? 피곤해 보여요.

(Nana, did you work overtime yesterday? You look tired.)

- 나나: 네, 어제 늦게까지 일해서 좀 피곤하네요.

(Yes, I'm a little tired because I worked late last night.)

- 미소: 안색이 안 좋은데 오늘은 집에 가서 쉬는 게 어때요?

(You don't look good. Why don't you go home and rest today?)

- 나나: 그러게요. 아무래도 집에 가서 쉬어야겠어요.

(You're right. I think I should go home and rest.)

→ 쉬어야겠어요 (쉬다 + 어야겠다)

Thank you!

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