Korean Grammar with Basic Korean Level 1 (Korean Version)

Korean Grammar with Basic Korean Level 1 (Korean Version)

This book is a Korean grammar book for beginners. It contains 30 of the most essential Korean grammar when speaking Korean.
Each lesson starts with a dialogue example, so you can learn how grammar is used in certain situations. The main usage is explained and arranged easily. In addition, I explained the grammar through example sentences so that you could grasp both the form and the meaning.
The combined information, which is very difficult for beginners, is provided with a table of rules, and they are explained step by step so you can understand them easily. If necessary, additional usage and precautions were presented. Also, various examples were provided, and you can check what was learned through practice.

In addition, each lesson was provided with a YouTube video link so that you can study while listening to the lecture and reading it. I think it is an excellent way to improve grammar and listening. I hope this book and YouTube videos will be a good companion for Korean learners.

책 구성

Lesson 01: N-은/는

Lesson 02: N-이/가

Lesson 03: N-이에요/예요

Lesson 04: N-이/가 아니에요

Lesson 05: N-입니다./입니까?, N-이/가 아닙니다./아닙니까?

Lesson 06: N-이/가 있어요/없어요

Lesson 07: N-을/를

Lesson 08: A/V-아요/어요/해요

Lesson 09: A/V-았어요/었어요/했어요

Lesson 10: N-이었어요/였어요

Lesson 11: V-을 거예요/ㄹ 거예요

Lesson 12: 안 A/V

Lesson 13: N 주세요

Lesson 14: 이거는, 그거는, 저거는 N-이에요/예요

Lesson 15: N-하고 N, N-이랑/랑 N, N-과/와 N

Lesson 16: N-에서 (장소, 행동)

Lesson 17: N-에 있어요/없어요 (장소, 존재)

Lesson 18: N-에 가요/와요 (진행방향, 목적지)

Lesson 19: N-에 (시간, 때)

Lesson 20: A/V-고 (나열-연결)

Lesson 21: V-고 (시간-연결)

Lesson 22: A/V-지만

Lesson 23: A/V-습니다/ㅂ니다, A/V-습니까?/ㅂ니까?

Lesson 24: V-으세요/세요 (-으십시오/십시오)

Lesson 25: V-지 말다

Lesson 26: V-을까요?/ㄹ까요?

Lesson 27: 'ㅂ' 불규칙

Lesson 28: 'ㄷ' 불규칙

Lesson 29: 'ㅡ' 불규칙

Lesson 30: 모음변화 (모음축약)




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Thank you~!

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