V-ㄹ/을 생각이다 Mastering Korean Grammar 182

주말에 집에서 쉴 생각이에요.

Embarking on the journey of Korean language learning unfolds a world where expressing future plans becomes a delightful milestone. 

The grammatical structure '-ㄹ/을 생각이다' stands out as a cornerstone for learners aiming to share their intentions or plans. This phrase directly translates to "I plan to..." or "I am thinking of..." in English, offering a gateway to formulating thoughts about the future. 

It's a simple yet essential component of everyday Korean conversation, pivotal for anyone looking to achieve fluency in Korean.

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Usage of '-ㄹ/을 생각이다'

• Plan (계획): it is used when talking about future plans.

• variation: While '생각이다' is common, you can also use '예정이다' (scheduled), '계획이다' (planned), or '작정이다' (determined) to convey a similar meaning with slightly different nuances.

Explanation with Example Sentences -ㄹ 생각이다

Miso asks Nana about her plans for the winter vacation

Miso: 나나 씨, 이번 겨울 방학에 뭐 할 거예요?
         (Nana, what are you going to do this winter vacation?)

Nana: 이번 겨울 방학에 스키를 배울 생각이에요. (배우다 + ㄹ 생각이다)
          (I'm thinking of learning to ski this winter vacation.)

→ Here, '배울 생각이에요' is a combination of the verb '배우다' and '-ㄹ 생각이다.'

→ Does Nana have a specific plan for the winter vacation? Indeed, she does - to learn skiing! In this case, you can use '-ㄹ 생각이다' after the verb.

Explanation with Example Sentences -을 생각이다

Miso inquires about Nana's lunch plans

Miso: 나나 씨, 점심에 뭐 먹을 거예요?
         (Nana, what are you going to eat for lunch?)

Nana: 피자를 먹을 생각이에요. (먹다 + 을 생각이다)
          (I’m thinking of eating pizza.)

→  Here, '먹을 생각이에요' is a combination of the verb '먹다' and '-을 생각이다.'

→ Nana plans to eat pizza for lunch, illustrated by '먹을 생각이에요.'

Combination Information '-ㄹ/을 생각이다'

• -ㄹ 생각이다/을 생각이다 attaches after a verb stem.

① with final consonant: -을 생각이다

    → 먹다 + 을 생각이다 → 먹을 생각이다

    → 읽다 + 을 생각이다 → 읽을 생각이다

② without final consonant: - ㄹ 생각이다

    → 가다 + ㄹ 생각이다 → 갈 생각이다

    → 보다 + ㄹ 생각이다 → 볼 생각이다

③ final consonant ㄹ: ㄹ drop + ㄹ 생각이다 

    → 만들다 (ㄹ drop) + ㄹ 생각이다 → 만들 생각이다

    → 놀다 (ㄹ drop) + ㄹ 생각이다 → 놀 생각이다

Practice with Real-life Examples

1. 저는 결혼을 늦게 (하다).

→ 저는 결혼을 늦게 할 생각이에요. (하다 + ㄹ 생각이다) 
   (I'm thinking of getting married late.)

2. 주말에 케이크를 (만들다).

→ 주말에 케이크를 만들 생각이에요. (만들다 (ㄹ탈락 + 생각이다)
   (I'm thinking of making a cake this weekend.)

3. 이번 가을에는 책을 좀 (읽다). 

→ 이번 가을에는 책을 좀 읽을 생각이에요. (읽다 + 을 생각이다)
   (I plan to read some books this fall.)

Short Dialogues for Better Understanding

Let's look at a dialogue between Miso and Nana discussing their weekend plans:

Miso: 나나 씨, 주말에 무슨 계획 있어요?  
         (Nana, do you have any plans for the weekend?)

Nana: 아니요. 별로 특별한 계획은 없고요. 그냥 집에서 쉴 생각이에요. (쉬다 + ㄹ 생각이다)
         (No, I don't have any special plans. I'm just thinking of resting at home.)        

Miso: 그러면, 주말에 친구들이랑 놀이동산에 놀러 갈 건데, 같이 갈래요?
         (Then, I’m planning to go to an amusement park with friends this weekend. Do you want to come along?)

→ Here, '쉴 생각이에요', which is the verb '쉬다' (to rest) combined with '-ㄹ 생각이다', indicates her intention to relax at home.

Challenge Yourself: The Ultimate 'ㄹ/을 생각이다' Korean Grammar Quiz

Quiz 1: Try to fill in the blanks with the correct form of 'ㄹ/을 생각이다' based on the verb provided. (*irregular form)

example): 먹다 (eat) → 먹을 생각이다

1. 사다 (buy)

2. 닫다 (close)

3. *열다 (open)

4. *줍다(pick up)

5. *듣다(listen)

6. *짓다 (build)

Quiz 2) Attempt to complete the sentences using - 을 생각이다/ㄹ 생각이다.’

7. 저는 대학교를 졸업하고 (취업하다).

8. 이번 주말에는 친구와 (놀다).

9. 이번 겨울에는 유럽으로 배낭여행을 (가다).

10. 날씨가 추워져서 따듯한 옷을 (입다).

11. 내일은 회사에 (가지 않다).


7. I'm thinking of getting a job after graduating from university.

8. I'm thinking of hanging out with my friend this weekend.

9. I'm thinking of going backpacking to Europe this winter.

10. I'm thinking of wearing warm clothes because it's getting cold.

11. I'm not going to work tomorrow.

★ Answer

1. 살 생각이다 (살다 + ㄹ 생각이다) 

2. 닫을 생각이다 (닫다 + 을 생각이다) 

3. 열 생각이다 (열다 (ㄹ탈락) + ㄹ  생각이다) 

4. 주울 생각이다 (줍다 (ㅂ→우) + ㄹ 생각이다) 

5. 들을 생각이다 (듣다 (ㄷ→ㄹ) + 을 생각이다) 

6. 지을 생각이다 (짓다 (ㅅ탈락) + 을 생각이다)

7. 저는 대학교를 졸업하고 취업할 생각이에요. (취업하다 + 생각이다)

8. 이번 주말에는 친구와 놀 생각이에요. (놀다 (ㄹ탈락) + ㄹ 생각이다)

9. 이번 겨울에는 유럽으로 배낭여행을 갈 생각이에요. (가다 + ㄹ 생각이다)

10. 날씨가 추워져서 따듯한 옷을 입을 생각이에요. (입다 + 을 생각이다)

11. 내일은 회사에 가지 않을 생각이에요. (않다 + 을 생각이다)

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Mastering 'Verb-(으)ㄹ 생각이다' is a milestone in your Korean learning journey. 

Today's lesson has equipped you with the tools to confidently discuss your plans and intentions. Keep practicing, and soon, sharing your future in Korean will become second nature.

Stay tuned for more insights into Korean language learning, and don't forget to practice the phrases we've learned today. Until next time, happy studying, and 안녕히 계세요!

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